Terry + Joe Engagement Portraits

May 13, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I met with Terry and Joe at Pier 7 for our Engagement Session last month. It was a chilly day and the wind just intensified the cold but I think it also made it that much more magical as Terry's wind swept hair danced in front of my lens creating a dreamy and nostalgic scene for me to document. Maybe not nostalgic for me but it certainly was for Terry and Joe. This was the location of their first date almost 5 years ago. Joe had contacted me with the idea that he wanted to recreate their first date. He had said that Pier 7 was the final stop on their first date and they had stood at the end of the pier looking out into the bay and taking in all of its beauty; the sound of moving water breaking at their feet, the bay bridge sparkling in the night from passing cars and the city lights acting as a backdrop to complete the perfect date. 

Hearing Joe describe this beautiful moment that was to change their lives forever, I was inspired and honored they had chosen me to be part of this next step in their lives. Here are the images I captured. 





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