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      My entries have been few and far between since my move from South Carolina. Now that I'm back in California and settled into my new home, I've gotten the chance to go back through all my images that I took in the 3 months I was living in Charleston. Seeing friends for the first time since I have gotten back into town, I have been asked what South Carolina is like. It's hard to describe my experiences of the 100 days I spent there, in just a few sentences. So as I enjoy best, let me share with you a compilation of images of what South Carolina was like to me. I hope that you see she is aging gracefully through a juxtaposition of buildings weathered by the sea and the finely sculpted English gardens and plantation mansions; That she is rich in history; She is inspirational in her beauty; The land is home to some of the most amazingly gorgeous and massive oak trees, many of which are covered in Spanish moss; Southern Hospitality is a real thing; The heat wasn't that bad but the bugs are waaaayy bigger; I got to float through a swamp forest in a boat: a location you can see in The Notebook!

      I also made it to a scene location from the Last of the Mohicans and The Hunger Games while on my way to Asheville, North Carolina. Check out the last image of the waterfall found in Dupont State Park! Asheville was by far my favorite city I visited in the South. From the few days I spent there shooting for WNC Magazine, I can say it offers an endless supply of good food and drink, good vibes and a strong culture of music and community. 




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